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Let's jump right into it with the LeadsGO solution. Start your free trial by choosing 'Create New Account', or just register a New User (optionally link to an existing account) - select 'Register New User'.

To the right is a 6 min. video that will take you through the basics of "Getting started with LeadsGO"

For further details please go to LeadsGO Support: www.leadsgo.com/support

2) What is LeadsGO

LeadsGO is all about generating more sales revenue by getting ALL employees to Collect high Quality Leads.

This is done by tooling up the individuals with easy to use mobile apps to collect leads when they are interacting with their networks (network, social selling).

When the collector commit their leads they are automatically routed to the right resources for Qualification, Cultivation and Sales.

In addition LeadsGO is closing the loop by providing gaming mechanisms to give rewards to the Collector for their leads.

  •  Easy and Intuitive to Use.
  •  Intelligent Routing.
  •  Event Model and Integration.
  •  Gaming Mechanisms for Payback.

3) What can you do with LeadsGO

LeadsGo is a Leads Management Solution that is tailor made for Social-and Network Sales, with primary focus on Creation and Collection of leads.
LeadsGO also have strong functionality for Lead Sharing and Qualification in addition to Lead Sales, Closing.
You can easily integrate LeadsGO with an existing CRM if you would like to use that for Leads Sales, Closing

To the right is a 2.5 min. video that will explain LeadsGO Scope and Flow in more details "LeadsGo Scope and Flow"

Awesome Features

The LeadsGO portfolio of services are built on the latest technologies using state-of the art tools.


LeadsGO is built from scratch on the Microsoft Azure platform - using Web Apps, DB-as-a-Service, Traffic Manager etc.


LeadsGO Leads Collector and ACT are natively coded mobile apps for Android and iOS/Apple.

Gaming and Events

Gaming mechanisms build into the services and a highly configurable event model and workflow mechanism.

Our Services

LeadsGO consists of a set of services - web solutions, mobile apps and advisory services. All combined to make you accelerate your sales.

Web Solution

A responsive web solution providing all needed functionality for Leads Collection, Validation and Cultivation.

Android Apps

Native Android Mobile Apps for Leads Collection and Leads ACT - to be found in Google Playstore (search for 'leadsgo').

iOS Apps

Native iOS Mobile Apps for Leads Collection and Leads ACT - to be found in Apple Store (search for 'leadsgo').

Integration Services

Pre-configured integration services ready for integration with proprietary or public (CRM) solutions.


Inbuilt functionality to import and export data from/to LeadsGO (to ex. MS Excel)


Flexible architecture allowing users to configure events, trigger actions, apply handling rules etc.


Training courses tailor-made for your needs - Linkedin, Network and Social Sales


Templates and blue-prints available for driving organizational and behavioural change

The Story

LeadsGO was born out of the fundamental belief in the power of people, of our employees and in their networks. Imagine what would happen if you could harnish the inherent value of all your/employee networks in selling and promoting your products and services...

Sources: InsideSales.Com, LinkedIn, SalesBenchmark Index, IDC, R&D Technologies, Journal of Marketing.

Why Social, Network Selling

There is a fundamental shift in behavior and a new breed of buyer. The new buyer is well informed, technology enabled, saturated with media, and suffering from information overload.
As a result, the buyer does not have the time or the desire to meet with sales people. Therefore, he/she selfdirects his/hers educational process in search of a solution to his problem.
In avarage the buyer completes close to 80% of the buy prior to contacting the supplier - how can you can you influence this part of the buy? A large part of that answer is: Network and Social Selling.
Leading social sellers create 45% more opportunities and are 51% more likely to achieve their quota (LinkedIn).

The Story Behind

LeadsGO grew out of the need to strengthen Sales, Leads Volume and Quality - and it became obvious that the traditional CRM type systems could not meet these needs.
The underlying question was how we could tap into the employees network and relationships and turn that into sales - without forcing the individuals to start selling.

After a period of 4-6 months of market search it became obvious that there was nothing out there - and the next logical step would be to develop something new; the start of LeadsGO.

It took us another 6-8 months to develop the first production ready portfolio of solutions - and today 2-3 years later the solution has been out there with customers, generating substantial revenue gains.

  •  More than 80 accounts (companies).
  •  More than to 10.000 unique users.
  •  1000's of leads generated in total.
  •  More than 400 leads the last 3 months.

Our Process

The process of implementing LeadsGO is simple and done in minutes - but there are some organizational aspects that needs to be brought in to get full effect.













Pricing Table

The pricing logic of LeadsGO is NOT based on a number of named users of leads collectors i.e. the Collector, ACT Apps (users) are for free - but they will need to link to an existing Account to be able to exchange leads.
What you are paying for is the complexity, number of accounts and back office users, a (bukcet) volume of users - in addition to access to portefolio; see below for details.

Subscriptions are billed annually (12 months upfront).

First month FREE for all (including back-office & account).

* Prices for integration is on a case-by-case basis (foundational services included).


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