Create Account OR User

Thanks for your interest in LeadsGo and Network & Social Sales.

Below given is the first step in "Getting Started with LeadsGo" - here you choose to either create a New User and link to an existing account (optional) or create a New Account.

Create an Account at LeadsGo.
Gives you full access to all the functionality at LeadsGo (depending on subscription type) ex. collect leads, cultivate leads, create users, run reports, integrate with CRM etc.
Paid Service.

Create a User at LeadsGo (same as creating user in Leads Collector & ACT, mobile app's).
Gives you access to create leads using Leads Collector. If user is linked to an existing account - it also allows you to share those leads with the account and track their progress (and receive rewards - depending on account).
Free Service (no cost).