LeadsGO is all about Network-/Relationship Sales and consists of a Web Solution and Mobile Application. See below steps to get up and running in a matter of minutes.
STEP 1) Create Account
Start by Creating an Account
(and admin user)

Create Account (free start)   
STEP 2) Create/Invite Users
to your Account.

Invite or Create Users (Collectors of leads).
STEP 3) Create and Nurture Leads
LeadsGO is Ready.

Let's start Hunting!
Here is a 6 min. Video about How to get Started with LeadsGO
New Account 

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Creating a User

If you just want to create an Individual User you can do that here

Create User (free)   

Keep in mind that in order to share leads with a company the user has to be linked to an account.

LeadsGO Mobile App can be found and downloaded from Apple Store or from Google Play
Just Search: LeadsGO
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High Level Process

To get Started with LeadsGO is simple and done in minutes (ref. above steps) - but there are some organizational change aspects (behaviour, culture) that needs to be brought in to get full effect from Network and Relationship Sales.

Make commitment and anchor at the top

Schedule people involvement and activities

Decide on model: internal, external etc.

Run your Plan aligned with Design

Build Awareness: expected Behaviour and Benefits

Continiously work on improvements towards goal

Contact us for more details on how to succeed with Network and Relationship Sales; we have blue-prints and library of best-practices.
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The pricing logic of LeadsGO is based on 4 steps (packages) with an entry level Starter subscription at 55 EUR (560 NOK) pr. Month to an Unlimited subscription (call for price). The different packages contain batches of users that can be created for free - but will need to be linked to an Account to be able to exchange leads.

Start up for FREE: Start Paying when it starts Generating Value..

Subscriptions are billed annually (12 months upfront).

* Prices for integration is on a case-by-case basis (foundational services included).